Beware of the HydraFaux-cial

Do you know your HydraFacial providers? Know the signs of faux treatments!

They say imitation is the best flattery…. and that may be true in some cases, but not when it comes to the integrity of your skin treatments. We’ve all seen fake designer bags, clothes, and shoes. There are phony things everywhere we look! But did you know this faux-nomenon also, unfortunately, has bled into our medical facilities? That’s right, there are imitation medical-grade skincare products and machines that are circulating our very own Tri-State area. What’s even scarier is that these products are being advertised as the real-deal, unbeknownst to consumers like you.

Medspa’s with integrity strive to provide premium services for our clients to ensure optimal safety and superior results for your hard-earned dollar. With this in mind, we invest only in vested companies such as HydraFacial and medical-grade skincare companies to provide our clients with top-of-the-line products and the peace of mind that they are in trusted hands with trusted, regulated, and clinically-formulated products.

Many of us know how to avoid fake designer bags, clothes, shoes, and accessories… just purchase from an authorized seller! But how do you know which medspa to trust when it comes to aesthetic services? By going to an authorized provider near you, for whatever treatment you may be receiving! Never feel bad for researching or even asking for the credentials of your potential provider. We are here to serve you and want to provide the best, and most honest, service possible!

So how do you make sure you are receiving a genuine HydraFacial, by a Certified HydraFacialist?

The only way you can be 100% sure is by visiting , enter your zip code and preferred radius and you will get a list of all certified providers near you!

There are also a few red flags we want to share with you so you know what to avoid when searching for your next HydraFacial provider:

  1. The Logo — Look closely at the machine’s logo. Some imposter machines will say “Hydrofacial” instead of “HydraFacial” or “HydraFacial MD” and it can be easy to miss!
  2. The Bait & Switch — The advertisement may look like you’re getting your favorite medspa service, but you’re getting something completely different. Unethical facilities will sometimes use a microdermabrasion unit or generic unit that is purposely designed to look like the HydraFacial machine. While they may look the same, these machines do not use the patented methods of the HydraFacial, therefore not giving you the same amazing, clinically-proven results of the HydraFacial MD.
  3. The (LOW) Price — “You get what you pay for,” and, “it sounds too good to be true.” The old sayings are actually true! The HydraFacial company actually regulates Lowest Advertised Pricing for HydraFacial at $199, and authorized providers must sign licensing agreements in order to provide their service to clients. Therefore, a legitimate provider won’t offer or advertise extremely low prices because they would be in breach of their contract.

You’re not just paying for a cheap procedure, you’re paying for cheap services and uncertified ‘providers.’ Fake machines and procedures aren’t just a knock-off handbag. There can be serious consequences on your skin and wallet. Always check your local providers through manufactures’ sites, and keep your eyes peeled for those red flags!

Here is a list of ALL local HydraFacial providers within 15 miles of Newburgh, IN:

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